instagram-icons--01It seems that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has run into a bunch of issues, which would mean folks who wanted to spend the rest of today checking things out on Instagram or Vine in a leisurely manner would have had a rather rocky road to walk. Both services were apparently offline for more than an hour, and Instagram was the first between the two to acknowledge its issues on Twitter, while Vine was not too far behind – in less than an hour later, Vine too, reported that they had run into a brick wall themselves.

You could say that the “first flood” of tweets complaining about both services’ downtime begun at approximately 4 p.m. Eastern time, and needless to say, it only increased in intensity as users realized that they were unable to share photos of their food or carefully directed short videos (or some really crazy videos, it doesn’t matter). It seems that other services which also rely on AWS, namely Netflix, IFTTT, Heroku and Airbnb too, have run into similar outage issues earlier today. Instagram and Vine have already gotten their act together since, and it seems that the Netflix outage, too, is on its way to recovery, but IFTTT’s website still remains out of commission. Apparently, Amazon’s north Virginia data center seemed to be the cause of the problem, but it seems that these issues have been locked down and have been worked out already.

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