cyanogenmod-accountWe did talk about the Android Device Manager as recently as early this month, and it seems that the CyanogenMod team does not want to be left behind, having introduced a whole new online service which is capable of letting you know just where your missing smartphone is (whether lost or stolen, that is another story to tell), wipe away sensitive information of it remotely, as well as perform other kinds of actions. It is not the first service of its kind in the market, and we are quite sure that it won’t be the last, either.

However, the CyanogenMod team prides themselves in touting that this particular solution is a whole lot more secure, and considering how the code is open source, users are more than welcome to check out the code and see how everything works, including whether there are any kinds of security and privacy vulnerabilities to look into. All data will be encrypted, and fret not, the CyanogenMod team has no intention of selling your data to make a quick buck. Are you especially excited at what the CyanogenMod team has in store with the CyanogenMod Account service? We cannot wait to see it kick off and read feedback about it from users.

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