While Facebook might have allowed images to be embedded in the comments section, what it does not support is animated GIFs which can be typically found on websites such as 9gag or forums. Well if you were hoping to be able to embed animated GIFs into Facebook you now can through a workaround courtesy of Giphy
. Giphy is basically a search engine for GIFs and what they have done is that they have created a code that allows GIFs to be looped on Facebook.


The act of uploading an animated GIF onto Facebook is equivalent of linking to a video. All you’d have to do is copy and paste the URL to the GIF and you’re done! It will feature a “play” button and your friends will just have to click it if they wish to see the GIF animated. The “downside” is that the URL needs to come from Giphy’s website which means that if Giphy were to go down for whatever reason, you’d be out of luck, at least temporarily.

According to a spokesperson for Facebook when they heard about this, “Facebook does not support animated GIFs.” What this means is that while it works, it is not an officially supported feature meaning that don’t expect Facebook to respond to your queries should something go wrong.

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