google-glass-8000-winnersWhen Google Glass was announced, Google revealed that it would be available for purchase by some although its price tag then was a little exorbitant at $1,500, leading us to wonder if it were to be sold in real life to the masses, how much could Google charge for it? While Google has yet to formally announce a price for Google Glass upon its commercial availability, one particular researcher from Taiwan has shared his opinion that Google could price the device at a somewhat reasonable $299.

According to the researcher, he believes that the most expensive component of the device would be its display components, which is estimated to cost between $30-$35 and would be manufactured by Himax Display Inc., a display company in which Google recently purchased a 6.3% stake in. Of course this is merely the opinion of an analyst and in no way reflects Google’s own workings and pricing schemes, but what do you guys think? Is $299 a reasonable price tag to ask for a pair of Google Glass? Is that something you could see yourself paying, or did you expect to cost much lower/higher?

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