google-translate-updateGoogle has recently announced that the Google Translate app for Android will receive an update, where a new bunch of languages will be supported to increase its appeal among Android users worldwide. This time around, handwriting recognition will be able to translate Hindi and Thai, and considering how both languages rely on non-Roman characters, a QWERTY keyboard would be pretty much useless, which further increases the importance of the app being able to translate written words from both of the languages.

Apart from being able to support additional languages, there is also the app’s camera input to think about. This particular feature lets you snap a photo of something that has words in it (in a foreign language, of course), where the app will then get to work to translate it. New languages that are supported via your handset’s camera would include Afrikaans, Greek, Hebrew and Serbian. Right now, the total language count that the Google Translate app will play nice with stands at over 70, letting you directly translate speech, handwriting and photographed texts, and I am quite sure that Google is not going to stop there. It certainly makes life a whole lot easier, especially when you travel in foreign countries where you have no head or tail as to how the language works there.

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