Rockstar Games updated the official website for Grand Theft Auto 5 a few weeks ago with some new screenshots as well as an interactive travelogue of Los Santos. We felt the update was a way to whet the appetite of GTA fans prior to the debut of Grand Theft Auto Online, although there were still a number of areas of the site that weren’t completely accessible. If you were curious to learn more about Los Santos, Rockstar Games has updated the GTA 5 website to highlight three new areas of recreational activity, as well as some new screenshots.

The three new areas you can discover by visiting the Grand Theft Auto 5 website are Los Santos’ exclusive country clubs, areas to work on your “serenity & wellness,” which we wouldn’t be surprised if yoga was one of the featured activities, and learning more about the game’s “local artisans,” a.k.a. tattoo artists.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like visiting websites and would rather stare at screenshots all day, then Rockstar has got your covered as well as in addition to today’s update of the Grand Theft Auto 5 website, they’ve also released eight new screenshots. The screenshots released today highlight some more activities, landscapes and even what appears to be a showdown between Michael and Trevor, with Franklin caught in the middle.

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