hp-omni-10-fccIt seems as though HP has not given up on the tablet scene just yet, although they have come up with their fair share of hybrid models in the past, even before the ill fated webOS-powered model that was discontinued shortly after it was revealed to the masses. Well, this time around, there seems to be a new 10” tablet that has arrived at the FCC for further inspection (and subsequent approval, of course), and this particular device has been named the HP Omni 10. The documents that were filed with the FCC included a drawing of the back of a device, carrying the HP logo that is located right smack in the center, while sporting the Omni 10 name just below it, and “HP Slate” printed on the label.

Other “confirmed” hardware specifications based on the FCC filing include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a camera of unknown megapixel count located at the back of it, a headset jack, and volume buttons. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this is an Android-powered tablet or a machine which runs on the Windows platform, or totally something else. Which side do you think the HP Omni 10 is batting on, and is it the side you are rooting for?

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