With the longstanding duopoly of iOS and Android, a number of mobile platforms constantly wage battle for the third position in the global market. In some markets BlackBerry is ahead of Windows Phone 8, in others its the other way around. Many analysts believe that Windows Phone 8 is actually in a much better position as opposed to BlackBerry, even with its new BB10 platform. Nokia is one of the biggest manufacturers of WP8 devices, its Lumia range has produced decent hits. On the other hand there’s HTC which is yet to see immense success with any one of its WP8 device. Rumor has it that HTC is likely to move away altogether from Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Before Microsoft and Nokia signed a billion dollar deal making Windows Phone the default OS on Nokia smartphones, HTC was the biggest vendor of Windows Phone device. Now it accounts for roughly 5 percent of all WP8 devices, as opposed to Nokia which has the lion’s share of 80 percent, followed closely by Samsung in second place. Digitimes cites sources based in Taiwan who claim that HTC might move away from WP8 and focus even more than it is already doing on development of Android devices. One reason cited for this change is HTC’s desire to gain more share in the global smartphone market, and given Android’s popularity, the move seems perfectly logical. Does his mean HTC will stop making WP devices altogether? Presumably not, the company hasn’t dropped any such hint as yet.

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