Remember how just a couple of days ago when we brought you word that HTC is all set to launch a Robert Downey Jr. ad campaign? Well, HTC has kicked off the ad campaign as you can see in the video above. The video originally came out in Asia, but we have embedded the official U.S one above. The original tipster who prefers to remain anonymous (don’t they all) had relied on a hidden camera to shoot footage of Robert Downey Jr.’s HTC ad that was shown off during a private screening.

This rather unusual ad intends to bring to mainstream consciousness HTC’s “Change brand platform,” which will also eventually seep into a wide variety of digital, social, PR and other channels from August 15th onwards. The first ad itself will focus on word associations with the letters HTC, as HTC sorely needs to fix their company’s perception among potential customers, all the while raising brand awareness in the process.

Ben Ho, HTC Chief Marketing Officer, said, “Our original and playful Change platform is different to anything else out there and aligns our brand with the same qualities our phones are already known for. With this campaign, we are affirming what HTC’s role is in the mobile market which is to define change and to lead the industry in developing the newest and most innovative technologies.” Expect the real ad to debut in full tomorrow.

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