HTC has quite the stable of impressive devices, especially with the launch of its HTC One. As a result, the company is betting big on a big-name actor to help pump up its marketing in order to get more of you, the consumer, to buy its products.

HTC announced today they have signed a two-year deal with Robert Downey Jr. to be included in an ad campaign as he will both star in a number of advertisements as well as work with the company directly in order to shape the direction of the campaign. An HTC spokesperson told Engadget they are spending a total of $1 billion on the Robert Downey Jr. campaign, which just so happens to have been the entire budget of their sales and marketing just last year.

The campaign will roll out in three phases starting this week as it’ll promote HTC as being a change maker as they offer a look at what the brand means to different people. The first phase will attempt to convince consumers HTC inspires innovation. The second phase will highlight a number of features only found on HTC phones. The last phase will promote ways HTC products empower the individuals who use them. We don’t know about you, but we just want to see Robert Downey Jr. be Robert Downey Jr.

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