instagram-windows-sorryRemember how we covered a story sometime last week about Instagram arriving on the Windows Phone platform soon? Well, apparently that is not going to happen, as said Nokia executive, Chris Weber, has shared over his Twitter channel, “Seems my comments on Instagram have been misreported. We are still working hard to make it happen, but nothing new to announce. Sorry.”

Well, that’s that then – with nothing new to announce, that would mean Windows Phone users will just have to wait for quite some time more with absolutely nothing guaranteed to happen. I guess if you still want to harness the full power of Instagram on your device, then it would be best to take the iOS or Android route, and reserve your Windows Phone device for some other purposes. Is using Instagram a make or break app for you that would influence your choice of smartphone operating system, or does it not matter to you simply because you do not want to add to the numerous “food porn” and selfie shots that have long flooded the Internet for the past few years? Which particular app do you think you would consider as “indispensable” on a smartphone, one that you cannot live without?

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