iphone-5c-press-shotIt was a couple of days ago when a purported iPhone 5C case was spotted in black, and here we are with an image from a Romanian site that points to another alleged iPhone 5C image – except that this time around, it is said to be a press image, which would mean it is very much closer to being official than anything else. The alleged press image of the iPhone 5C depicts the ‘budget iPhone’ in a classic white plastic case, where iOS 7 will arrive pre-loaded with the handset. Not only that, there are a couple of images of a dummy iPhone 5C device sporting a bumper case to boot.

Assuming the iPhone 5C is a true blue device from Cupertino with the main function of replacing the iPhone 5 in Apple’s smartphone family, then it would certainly be interesting to see whether it is going to gain any traction in the market or not. I suppose that depends on how groundbreaking the purported flagship iPhone 5S will be too, as folks will most probably base their purchase decisions on whether the iPhone 5S is worth the bang for their hard-earned buck, and whether the iPhone 5C’s hardware specifications will suffice for the next couple of years.

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