konamitattooOne of the most well known cheat codes in video game history has to be the infamous Konami code. Nearly all gamers should know this code by heart, and even some non-gamers probably know it since it’s made its way to a number of products as an easter egg. Vogue UK and the Chromebook Pixel are two products that recently used the Konami code, although if you for some reason need help remembering it, then you should either date this gentleman or be him.

Kevin Pacheco sent over an image of his brand-new tattoo to the folks over at Fashionably Geek, which he says he designed himself. As you can see from the tattoo, the classic NES directional pad, “B” and “A” buttons as well as the word “Start” are all true to their original source. For those of you who are yelling at the screen saying, “WHERE’S THE SELECT?!?”, Kevin reminds us that the select is only used when a second Contra player is present. If there’s no second player, then there’s no need for the select button to be used. Keep that in mind the next time you’re playing video games trivia as it may make or break your street cred as a gamer.

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