kyocera-piezoKyocera is currently working on what they call “Smart Sonic Sound”, which happens to be a piezo film speaker that was specially developed for everyday consumer electronics devices such as TVs, computers and tablets. This ultra-thin, lightweight (where the medium sized model measures just 1mm thick, or should I say thin, tipping the scales at 7 grams) audio device might actually usher in an age of even slimmer TVs, computers and tablets. Of course, being slim is one thing, but how about enhancing the audio quality to a degree where it delivers a far more realistic audio experience? Sporting low directivity characteristics that will broaden the sound projection range, the Smart Sonic Sound provides 180-degree sound quality while bringing delicate and minute sounds to life.

In fact, this is the first time LG Electronics will utilize this innovative piezo actuator audio technology in their new 55” curved-screen OLED TV. You will be able to find the Smart Sonic Sound in three different sizes – large, medium and small, and we might see an expansion in its applications down the road in different digital devices, including automotive applications with strict weight requirements. What other devices would you like to see Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Sound see action in?

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