#IFAGPC18 – Ubergizmo has been invited to the IFA Global Press Conference in Rome to attend multiple briefings and product showcases, in advance of the IFA Conference that will be held at the end of August in Berlin.

Yesterday, I was happy to see a historic Italian brand in the sale of electronics, Radionovelli, announcing its own high-end piece of hardware in the shape of an elegant Android-powered 4G FM/Dab/internet radio equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen, a webcam, a CD/DVD player, and more.

The 4G Radio’s elegant vintage design will come in three colors, red, white, black, and conveys the bridging of the “past and the future,” where the old-fashioned FM radio meets digital (Dab aka Digital Audio Broadcasting) and the internet under the same roof. A “device unique in the world” according to the company, that was invented by Paolo Novelli, CEO, Axis international, who was on stage to present his product with Gian Carlo Scataglini.

Paolo Novelli, CEO, Axis International, with his invention the 4G radio

With a high price tag of 1000 euros, the 4G Radio is expected to be available on May 7th on Amazon and Radionovelli store www.radionovelli.it

The innovation is a patented web radio module combined with the 4G connectivity that allows listening and viewing radio channels even when the FM/DAB signal is not available. The device on display at the event was a preproduction device, so the software was not finalized yet, we could test all the functions.

Thanks to Android, the touch display, and the integrated webcam, users will be able to place video calls using Skype, browse the web, access the Apple Music app and Youtube.

Voice commands allow to ask for an artist or a song and the Continuous Artist Mode provides access to a series of links to radio stations that broadcast the songs of the artist currently playing on your favorite streaming service such as Spotify. With that feature, you can also access content on Youtube by a musician while her/his song is streaming.

The “commercial button” will make sure you spend wisely your dollars by giving access in one click to the products you hear about in radio and TV commercials.

Music content is managed by Gracenote, for free access to all information related to an artist (lyrics, concert video and more) that will automatically show up while listening to a CD or watching a DVD.

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