sony_bsp60Who would have thought that the Bluetooth speaker market would have thrived? It seems that there are more and more choices to pick from each day, as different hardware manufacturers step out from their respective shells in order to investigate such a potential best seller. Sony too, has interests in this niche market, and they are all set to light up July 11th with their new spherical speech recognition Bluetooth speaker, known as the Sony BSP60.

When it is paired to a compatible device, the Sony BSP60 will be able to play back your favorite tunes that are stored on a smartphone or tablet, which in turn would open the door for you to enjoy hands-free phone conversations. Not only that, you will be able to figure out the weather, and the BSP60 will also be able to read out your schedule for the day – without you having to lift a finger or press a button, now how about that?

Apart from that, it is not a cold and calculated machine, since it will be agile enough to groove to your music by opening and closing its top speaker covers whenever there is music being played. To make the entire “dance” more unique, there will be LEDs that bounce along to the rhythm. Each $300-plus purchase will net you a 1.6” monochrome display, a Micro USB port, and NFC support to boot. Strangely enough, it supports Android-powered handsets only – so iOS users will have to sit out on this one. Not the smartest of moves, really.

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