Logitech has released the TK820 keyboard which comes with a large integrated keypad. Designed with Windows 8 in mind (it works on Win7 too), the TK820 lets you perform the new 13 gestures that make Windows 8 tick. It is built to feel like a comfortable laptop trackpad and provides the room you need to pinch&zoom, slide or swipe. Heavy laptop users may have to get used to the fact that the trackpad is no longer in the middle, but on the right side of the keyboard.


The keyboard connects wirelessly to the computer via a regular Logitech Unifying receiver USB plug. With this new model, Logitech also switches to a new design language which has more “organic” shapes than previous keyboards. It looks pretty nice and smooth, I like it.

Looking at the specifications of the keyboard, I noticed that the keys use the Logitech Perfect stroke which I have tried with a Logitech Illuminated keyboard. It’s nice and the keys have a little curves to it in the middle. The key design seem identical to what Logitech did with the solar-powered keyboard. It’s OK, but some laptops have better quality plastic. In the end, the question is whether or not you want a trackpad. If you do, this could be a nice little setup.

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