Video games usually get a pretty bad rap because there are some who believe that they lead to violence. Of course there are proponents of video games who believe that they have their uses, and while we don’t think learning to drive a car by playing video games is the best way to go about it, it looks like it managed to help in an emergency situation. According to a report, a ten year old boy managed to grab the wheel of the car he was in and steered it to safety after his grandmother, the one behind the wheel, suddenly passed out.

Leaping into action, the boy managed to steer the car to a safe halt in the ditch where thankfully no one was injured. The boy credits his wheel-handling abilities to playing Mario Kart, although given how chaotic Mario Kart is and that it’s hardly a game that promotes defensive driving, it is rather ironic, but either way it’s a pretty awesome story nonetheless, and not the first time we’ve heard how video games have helped in emergency situations.

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