I am quite sure that you have seen some of those “First World Problems” memes online, but on a more serious note, there are still areas in the undeveloped part of the world where mosquitoes have proven to be quite the bane, and will still carry diseases such as malaria that continue to kill every single year, regardless of your age or gender. The state of Florida is not exempt from mosquitoes either, considering that this state has plenty of marshy wetlands that are proven mosquito breeding grounds, and they intend to take the fight to them by involving aerial drones this time around.

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District intends to make use of a Maveric drone that is constructed by Condor Aerial which packs a shortwave infrared camera that will allow it to identify the various pools where larvae could be breeding, and after identification, the mop up crew will then move into position to get rid of those larvae. If only the drone itself could be equipped with these destructive tools as well, it would make life a whole lot easier – and more of a video game for those drone controllers. Experiments of the Maveric drone in action will take place later this month.

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