bb-xbox-oneBetween the two next generation video game consoles, the Xbox One from Microsoft seems to be having a tough time convincing the masses that it is better than the Sony PS4, and a whole lot of the blame could be pointed at Microsoft themselves. Well, you know the saying – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! I guess this is what Microsoft is doing right now with whispers going around that the Xbox One could actually be updated with better hardware specifications before it is unleashed upon the masses.

While the Xbox One remains an impressive gaming machine, it is still outperformed by Sony’s PS4, and so a certain Marc Whitten stated on Major Nelson’s podcast that the Xbox One’s GPU will be on the receiving end of a clock bump from 800MHz to 853MHz, resulting in a 6.5% increase in processing power. This might not do much to close the gap with the Sony PS4, but every little bit counts, don’t you think so? I guess what we see on paper and how developers make full use of the console are two very different things, and we cannot wait for the next generation console wars to break out in full swing.

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