The road to the long-awaited Title Update 12 for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has been a long one. Earlier this month, 4J Studios announced they were putting the final touches on the update, even going as far as announcing the official changelog for the game just a week later. This lead many to believe the update was coming extremely soon, but unfortunately, the update never came. Those of you who have been looking forward to Title Update 12 can rest easy as it’s now available for you to download.


The previously revealed changelog for Title Update 12 is exactly what you can expect out of the update. Nothing more, nothing less. So you’ll be able to enjoy the game along with your new Ocelot buddy, play around with a baby villager, and awe in wonder at the iron golem. The only thing that isn’t currently included in Title Update 12 is the texture and mash-up packs as 4J Studios has said they’re waiting for legal to sign-off on it before they can reveal the first pack. We just hope for the sake of all Xbox 360 Minecraft players, 4J Studios’ lawyers don’t take as long as Microsoft did in certifying Title Update 12, because that was one heck of a wait.

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