wood-moto-xWhile smartphone manufacturers have tinkered with a variety of materials in the past used to make their phone, like polycarbonate which Nokia seems to favor heavily, to the glass and metal of the iPhone 4/4S, to a ceramic-like material found on the HTC One S, Motorola will be going the more “organic” route with a wooden backing option for its recently announced Moto X smartphone. Based on the photos we’ve seen the wooden backing is pretty amazing and helps lend a touch of warmth to the entire proceedings, making other smartphones look downright “cold” by comparison.

Unfortunately if you were hoping to pick up a wooden Moto X soon, you might have to wait because according to Motorola’s Senior VP of product management, Rob Osterloh, the company is currently in the process of settling down on different choices of wood, and that the wooden version of the Moto X will only be available in Q4 later this year. Specific dates were not mentioned, but it looks like those pining away from a wooden Moto X will have to wait a little while longer.

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