motorola-loses-xoomWhen it comes to the top dog in the world of tablets, there is no doubt that Apple’s iPad had established itself as the market leader for the longest time already, although it has seen its fair share of challengers from the Android platform. Along the course of time, there were some flops that “participated” in the tablet arms race, among them include the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Motorola Xoom. For those of you who figured out that Xoom has been relegated to the trash heap of history, think again – Xoom Corporation is not too pleased at Motorola using the Xoom moniker, where the entire shebang has now resulted in a trademark infringement case.

Motorola Mobility actually lost the court case, and as part of the settlement, the Xoom name will no longer be in use by Motorola, so we can more or less forget about seeing another tablet from Motorola down the road (assuming they want to take the same path, of course) that will carry such a name. Other than that, the rest of the settlement remains strictly confidential, so unless there is an internal leak, or someone has inside knowledge of the going ons, we will not know what else was agreed upon.

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