One of the downsides to the BlackBerry and Windows Phone platform is that when it comes to apps, the variety offered pales in comparison to iOS and Android, which is why we’re not surprised that both companies are offering up incentives to developers to create apps for their respective platforms. However it seems that one developer for BlackBerry might have abused the system a little too much and according to reports, developer S4BB has actually over 47,000 apps in BlackBerry World! Yes you read that right, ONE developer has close to 50,000 apps that have been submitted and approved for BlackBerry World.

According to the report, some of the apps submitted by S4BB are actually pretty decent, legitimate apps, but some of their submissions are a little dubious. Not that their submissions are dubious in the malware sense, but rather how the definition of app has been stretched as some of their submissions include city guides, audio books, phrasebooks, and more. Naturally by submitting all 47,000 apps (we wonder how they have so much time) it kind of messes up with numbers a little since it would make it look like BlackBerry World is popular with developers, when in reality the figures are a little skewed. We wonder if BlackBerry will take any action since this is almost like spamming, but then again if they were reviewed and approved, it could be a different story.

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