For gamers who enjoy first-person shooters like Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, and Rage, you might be pleased to learn that while the first three titles from id Software have gotten their respective sequels, Rage has not been forgotten and that the franchise could have a future. The title was released back in 2011 and has made its way across a variety of gaming platforms, including mobile, but unfortunately apart from that first release, we have not heard much about the franchise since then.

Speaking to the folks at Polygon during Quakecon 2013, id Software’s creative director, Tim Willits, revealed that the Rage franchise is not dead, stating that, “we built the game in such a way where — we made a rich enough universe where it would be quite easy to step back into that world and make something cool.” Willits did not deny the possibility of a sequel but since the studio’s efforts are focused on getting Doom 4 out the door, it could be a while before a Rage sequel will manifest itself.

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