galaxy-note-3-backWe have seen our fair share of rumors concerning the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which is said to be unveiled pretty soon, including one without its back cover on that reveals a battery which is touted to be larger in capacity compared to the 3,100mAh battery that is found in its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Well, that is definitely a welcome addition in our books, considering how the Galaxy Note 3 will boast of more features that will definitely consume additional juice to boot. Whispers have it that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with a 3,450mAh battery underneath the hood, which would mean an 11% improvement over its predecessor.

If you were to trace things back by two generations, then the first Samsung Galaxy Note came with a 2,500mAh battery. 3,450mAh is definitely extremely respectable, especially when you consider that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra comes with a 3,000mAh battery within, while the upcoming HTC One Max is rumored to come with a battery of similar capacity as that of the Xperia Z Ultra. How large of a battery do you think that smartphones of the future ought to come with in order to offer a decent user experience throughout the day?

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