SimCity for Mac was initially going to be released on June 11th, but EA announced that they were delaying the release as the game wasn’t ready for primetime. It said that the launch would take place in August. Earlier this month EA finally announced the confirmed release date of SimCity for Mac, August 29th. The game has indeed been released today and is now available from the Origin store. If you’ve already purchased a boxed or digital copy of SimCity for PC, you won’t have to purchase the game again for Mac.

It appears though that the release isn’t going smooth. Simply searching for the SimCity hashtag on Twitter reveals frustrations, people claim they’re having trouble purchasing it, some say that they can’t play in fullscreen mode. Some of them have even taken to EA forums to complain about the various issues that they’re facing. On the other hand, there are players who claim on Twitter that they’ve not encountered any issues with SimCity for Mac. Have you tried to purchase a new copy of this game and faced any issues? Are you able to play SimCity for Mac in fullscreen mode? Do let us know by dropping a comment below.

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