Ever wanted to add another dimension to your drawings? Ever wished you could simply build objects in 3D without using any complicated tools? If you have, the swissPen is here to do just that. Said to be the world’s simplest 3D tool, you can get started with the swissPen in a matter of minutes. It comes ready to use, no assembly of configuration is required. It is designed to be intuitive, using it is very simple. Just pick it up and start drawing like you would with any normal pen.

You an build an infinite number of shapes and objects, its an entirely different way of creating artwork. One can creating anything from flat shapes to 3D objects or even components that can later be assembled. It doesn’t require any software or computer, but since it uses the same material as 3D printers (ABS or PLA plastic), it can be used to draw on surfaces such as plastic, glass, paper and even in the air. swissPen draws by extruding pre-heated plastic. The pen actually transforms rigid filaments into plastic ink. Designed in Switzerland, the swissPen retails for CHF 95.00 with a universal power supply and 220 strands of plastic. It will begin shipping in October 2013.

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