There is nothing quite like a DIY project to keep you occupied, especially when you have plenty of technical know how brimming in your head, and want to “free” all of that in a project that you have an interest in. I do not know of many people who are able to turn down a shot at Lego building, and if you have always wanted to own a 3D printer of your own, why not build one using Lego bricks? That is what engineering student Matthew Kreuger came up with, where you require an old camcorder, a hot glue gun and a few hundred bricks of Legos, you are more or less good to go. The full instructions can be found on popular maker site if you are interested.

Kreuger did mention that this particular DIY 3D printer happens to reside more in the realm of prototype territory compared to being a finished article, but it is capable of churning out 3D objects that have been modeled with LEGO’s Digital Designer software in hot glue. A LEGO NXT brick will be used as the “brain” of the printer, as that is where it operates the printer from, via its trio of output ports that will be used to attach motors, with a quartet of input ports that will see sensors attached to it. Nothing like a little creativity and circumstance (lack of money in this case for the masses) to see an affordable solution, eh?

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