Over the past couple of years we have seen a variety of advertisements tech companies have released for their products. While each advertisement takes a different route, they do have a certain “theme” to it and it is this theme that the folks at College Humor have decided to parody. For instance they poke fun at how a majority of these ads seem to rely on indie rock music, or young people with creative-type jobs, cute children, and even similar editing styles!

We have to admit that it is pretty spot on in terms of its parody, and all you’d have to do is insert a product name and the actual product into the video itself and well, you might never know the difference! In any case if you’re looking for a little bit of humor to end the week with, take a couple of minutes out of your day and check it out in the video above. So what do you guys think? Do you agree with the parody that most tech ads seem to made along these lines?

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