Some people go with carrier unlocked devices because they don’t want to be restricted to one carrier for two years. Though if you’re not comfortable with any sort of commitment with a carrier, TextNow is the perfect alternative. It is a mobile virtual network operator that allows users to make VoIP calls and send IP text messages, data traffic is routed over Sprint’s 3G network. TextNow is offering refurbished versions of Samsung Galaxy S2 for $120 and Nexus S for $90, conventional phone features have been disabled, they won’t support a SIM. Instead, these devices come with the TextNow app through which users can make calls and send SMS messages.

The service is particularly good for those who are on a tight budget. The base plan starts at $19 per month, affording unlimited texts, unlimited inbound calls, 500MB data and 750 minutes of outbound calls. Users will be assigned a separate number, just like conventional carriers assign numbers. Furthermore, calls to other TextNow users are absolutely free. The reason why they’re offering outdated devices is because they want to keep costs down. Lets see if low price entices customers to jump ship and join the VoIP bandwagon.

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