Facebook announced yesterday its iPhone Messenger application would receive the ability to make VoIP calls in the U.S., which was previously only made available to Canadian users as a way to test the feature before rolling it out in the U.S. Seeing how friendly Facebook and Skype have been the past few years, we assumed they were behind Facebook’s Messenger app receiving the ability to make VoIP calls. It turns out, we were wrong.

Skype has confirmed it isn’t behind Facebook’s Messenger’s VoIP call feature as it absolutely does not rely on Skype’s technology. Seeing how the call quality of VoIP calls are inside of the Facebook Messenger app, we think Facebook made a big mistake as they could probably have been much better if it did use Skype for its VoIP calls.

We’re sure one day in the future, Facebook will unveil who it’s using for its VoIP calling needs, but for now, all we can do is sit back and wonder why they didn’t use Skype given how much they’ve integrated with it and Microsoft for some time now.

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