When it comes to rolling out smartphones, very little differentiates between one and the other, especially when we are talking about high end models. Sure, there will always be one particular model that spearheads the list of breaking features for the first time such as a Full HD display, but wait for a while and see how the other rivals will roll out devices of a similar nature. Motorola, however, intends to be different by offering smartphones which support touchless controls, and those will include support for always-on voice controls.


Imaging training your handset just like you would a pooch – and it will only respond to your requests when you start off with the magic abracadabra phrase of “OK, Google Now.” Pretty cool, except that you aren’t controlling a mammoth starship, but rather, a smartphone. Having said that, the Touchless Control app can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store, although you will still need one of the following handsets from Motorola – Moto X, Droid Ultra, Droid Mini, and Droid Maxx, to run this Touchless Control app.

For those of you who do not own any of the Motorola handsets listed above, fret not, there is always an alternative hanging around, even if it is not the best – you could give a third-party app like Open Mic+ a go that ensures the microphone on your device remains active at all times, at your beck and call while you kick off Google Now with a key phrase.

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