windows-8.1-start-screenWhen Windows 8 was first launched, there were many who lauded the new UI, but at the same time there were those who felt that the change was too drastic and that there were some elements of the older Windows operating system that Microsoft should have kept around, the Start Button being one of them. Well the good news is that if you have been waiting for Windows 8.1, it could soon be rolled out because according to Win8China, word is that Microsoft has already issued the latest build of Windows 8.1 for final testing.

This particular build is said to be the last build before the update is pushed out to the masses, so we expect that if this is the case, it will not be too long before Windows 8 users are notified that it is time to update their operating system. Windows 8.1 is expected to be a pretty important update since Microsoft believes it will “refine the vision of Windows 8”. The consumer preview has been available for download but for those who have not bothered, hopefully it will not be too long before the update begins its rollout!

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