If you’re one of those book-reading folk who love nothing more than to play the latest classical music compilation CD while you completely immerse yourself in the latest novel by Dr. Seuss, you’ll know what a pain in the neck it has been to purchase a hard copy of a book as well as a digital version on your Kindle. Paying full retail price for the same product is a pretty absurd, which is why Amazon is announcing they are going to make things a little more fair for those of you who by a hard copy and e-book version of the same piece of literature. 

Amazon is announcing its Kindle Matchbook service, which if you happen to purchase one of Amazon’s 10,000 selected titles form the online retailer, you’ll be able to snag the digital copy of that same book for anywhere between $2.99 and completely free.

Kindle Matchbook will launch in October and there will be no limit on when exactly those Amazon-purchased books needed to be made, meaning if you have a book that was purchased from Amazon prior to the launch of Kindle Matchbook, and it’s one of their 10,000 selected titles, then you could snag the digital version within the previously mentioned price range. That is, if you didn’t already purchase the digital version of said books.

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