gta-5-gameplay-trailerWith Rockstar enjoying huge success from its previous Grand Theft Auto titles, it’s safe to say that anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 5 was huge and the numbers have proven it. Previously it had been reported that the game has managed to rack up $1 billion in sales over a 3 day period, and now according to analyst, he believes that Rockstar managed to move about 15 million copies of the game in its first week alone. Speaking to Cowen & Company investors today, analyst Doug Creutz was quoted as saying, “Based on the $1B three-day figure Take-Two disclosed, we believe the game has already sold through at least 15MM units.”

While this is impressive and with Creutz acknowledging that, he also goes on to caution that sales later on in the year might not be as high. He believes that the influx of sales at the start was due to the anticipation and hype of the game, which we have to agree as well, and states that he expects the game to see a shorter sales tail, especially with the upcoming launch of the Xbox One and PS4 consoles in November, platforms which GTA 5 will not be support for now. Overall Creutz also goes on to state that he believes GTA 5 wil sell about 25 million copies during its first year of release.

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