13.09.12-Sapphire-1As it stands, Apple uses sapphire in its iOS products namely as a camera lens, although with the iPhone 5s, sapphire was also used to cover the home button in which the fingerprint sensor was held. However it looks like Apple has more plans to incorporate the sapphire material into future products, thanks to recent patent filings discovered by the folks at AppleInsider.

The patent was filed back in March and apart from finding new ways to use sapphire in future products, it also describes how Apple plans to make the process of getting sapphire ready for products less expensive and more efficient. One of the processes indicated in the patent suggests how sapphire sheets can be laminated together, or laminated with glass.

Through this lamination process, the patent describes how one layer of sapphire can be used as a scratch resistant layer, while the other can be used as display glass. The end process is expected to result in a layer no more than 1mm thick, meaning that each layer will be 0.5mm thin and will need to be handled with great care.

We’re not sure what Apple plans to do with this patent or how it will incorporate into future products, but we guess we will just have to wait and see, assuming that these plans are to be made a reality as opposed to merely being an idea.

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