screen-shot-2013-09-23-at-7-52-35-pmYesterday we reported that the latest Apple TV 6.0 update had been temporarily pulled due to reports of the update bricking some Apple TV devices, as well as causing other problems for other Apple TV users. Well the good news is that Apple works pretty quickly and has since re-released the update, presumably with all the problems from the previous one fixed. It is still labeled as Apple TV Software 6.0 but its build number is now 11A502, a jump from 11A470e which was the previous build.


In case you might have missed the previous report, the latest update from Apple for their Apple TV device will introduce a host of new features. This includes iTunes Radio which was introduced alongside WWDC 2013 earlier this year, the iTunes Music Store, along with new AirPlay functionality. Since we don’t have an Apple TV device to double check this with, we’re not sure if the latest update has addressed all of the problems in the previous one, although presumably it did, but if you’re an Apple TV user, let us know in the comments below on how the latest update is treating you!

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