Activision hasn’t released many Call of Duty games onto mobile platforms, although we thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of Call of Duty: Zombies when it released. As a result, mobile gamers have gone through quite the Call of Duty dry spell, but Activision is fixing that today as they’ve just released a new game on iOS.


The new Call of Duty iOS game is called Call of Duty: Strike Team which is a combination of a first- and third-person game which allows you to customize your squad’s loadouts and abilities. The game allows players to switch between the first-person shooter perspective we all know so well in Call of Duty titles to coordinating their squad as well as perform general reconnaissance, all done in a third-person view. The game only has two modes available: single-player campaign and survival mode, with the latter mode allowing you to fight waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Survival mode also supports leaderboards.

Call of Duty: Strike Team is set in a not-too distant future in the year 2020, which the game says is a time when tensions are running high among the world’s superpowers. The U.S. finds itself at war with a completely unknown enemy after they’re caught off guard from a surprise attack.

Call of Duty fans can head over to the App Store to purchase Strike Team for $6.99.

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