cyanogen-fundingCyanogenMod is currently on the move to raise venture capital funding, and according to CyanogenMod’s new CEO and co-founder, they have big plans for the company, with the aim to become the No. 3 in the mobile OS arena. That is certainly quite an achievement if they were to actually hit their target, considering how they would have to bypass the likes of BlackBerry OS and of course, the current third place mobile OS, Windows Phone from Microsoft. As Cyanogen’s first new product as a company, it will come in the form of a CyanogenMod installer app.

Android enthusiasts would have had their fair share of CyanogenMod in the past, and for those who are not in the know, you will soon hear more about them from now on. Having secured $7 million in Series A funding from Benchmark Capital, the CyanogenMod team intends to make their dream a reality instead of having it remain within the confines of a fan project all this while. CyanogenMod co-founder and developer Steve Kondik, said, “There’s almost this entire developer ecosystem around it. We’re going to do a lot of work around the user experience. You’re going to see us building secure services. To get more people to use it, we have all these little touches planned.”

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