dukepadThe Raspberry Pi, when it first hit the market, definitely made a case for itself as being an inexpensive piece of computing that hobbyists would definitely find it to be fun tinkering around with. After all, $35 will not net you much these days, but with the Raspberry Pi, you end up with a processor, memory, input and output, and a memory card slot, now how about that? Here we are with DukePad, touted to be a rather interesting invention in the form of a Raspberry Pi-powered tablet.

The DukePad would obviously rely on the Raspberry Pi as its “brains”, where the instructions within would comprise of a list of hardware that is required before forging ahead, among them include designs for a laser-cut case, in addition to steps when it comes to setting up a software environment with the assistance of Raspbian Linux and Java. The hardware parts required will easily pass the $350 mark, so it is more of a labor of love as well as curiosity than trying to own a cheap tablet.

Instead, this sort of project is for folks who like the idea of building something with their own hands, and having more control over the finished product than you would if you bought a tablet running Android, iOS, or another existing operating system.

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