Some time at the end of last month, we did bring you a story about how Elon Musk and his team has figured out just how to design rocket parts, in a manner that we were impressed with in Iron Man 3. Well, he has also posted a video that showed off the Iron Man-inspired 3D modeling software that was tweeted, where it will merge the gesture-sensing Leap Motion controller alongside a variety of different display technologies. Not only that, there was also a modified version of the Siemens NX design suite thrown into the mix, allowing his team, SpaceX’s engineers, to zoom around while performing an inspection of their models, all without having to touch a mouse.

Of course, it remains unclear whether they are able to design actual models using just the gestural setup alone, or to inspect models that they have come up with using more traditional tools. For those who are an old hand at working with 3D modeling software would know that manipulating an actual 3D model is an extremely complicated process, and to squeeze it into a bunch of gestures is extremely challenging. What do you think of this particular software, will it be able to speed up 3D modeling for the masses in the future?

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