If there’s anything people love more than the Iron Man suit, it has to be the process Tony Stark goes through to actually build that suit. We’ve all watched in awe as various parts for the suit are designed by hand movements. We know its a movie and that there’s a lot of CGI involved, but that doesn’t stop us from wondering if something like that would ever be possible in the future. It may very well be possible. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, the founder of space transportation company SpaceX, the man behind Hyperloop and more says he and his team have figured out how to design rocket parts by just making hand movements through the air.

Elon revealed this via Twitter, saying that they have the process figured out, and just require a high frame rate holograph generator. Naturally, people on the microblogging network started asking him if he was going to build an Iron Man suit. People are likely to think that, he’s a billionaire with a very firm grasp on modern technology, which makes him kind of like a real-life Tony Stark. Unfortunately, Elon has said that he doesn’t plan on flying around to save the world in a metal suit, but he does say that design by hand-manipulated hologram is quite useful. He says that they’ll post a video next week of designing a rocket part with hand movements through the air and then immediately printing that design in titanium. It’ll definitely be interesting to watch.

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