GTA-V-PoliceWhen it comes to fans, some really do whatever it takes to get what they want, and in the case of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5, three men posed as police officers in an attempt to cut the line at the Staten Island Mall to get their hands on the game earlier than everyone else. One of the men was actually an auxiliary NYPD officer, the other is the son of a retired officer, and together with car purchased at a police auction along with a “lights-and-siren package” installed, they attempted to flash their badges at the crowd in order for them to move out of the way so they could cut the queue.

In fact they would have escaped and no one would have been the wiser as no one questioned their authenticity. However it was only when they left the mall and made an illegal U-turn that a real police officer in an unmarked car caught them and exposed them as fake police officers. What do you guys think? Have you encountered hardcore fans who might have attempted something extreme to get their hands on the game early? Perhaps bribing their way to the start of the line?

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