Now that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have been announced and made available for sale, it’s on to the next Apple product to keep the rumor mill spinning. The iPad Mini 2 has had its fair share of rumors circulating the upcoming device, with one of the latest showing off the tablet in a color that resembles the iPhone 5S’ Space Gray. It looks like that won’t be the only thing the iPad Mini 2 will borrow from the iPhone 5S as it’s being rumored gold will be an additional color option for the tablet, which is also rumored to come with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

The rumor of the gold iPad Mini 2 with Touch ID originated from Chinese tech site DoNews, who claims to have obtained leaked photo of the device. The photo looks like what you’d expect as the iPad Mini 2 looks to have a gold color and a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, although the images look a little too professional for our taste, so take this news with a healthy dose of salt. Considering just how popular the gold iPhone 5S has become, we’re sure Apple has plans to make the color available on upcoming products as well, so there could be some truth to this rumor.

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