Google announced earlier this year Provo City, Utah would be the next location it will be rolling out its Google Fiber to later this year. Residents in Provo City won’t have to wait long as a new promotional video comparing Google Fiber to broadband speeds has announced the service will begin rolling out in October.

We know Google Fiber is extremely fast when compared to traditional broadband speeds, although if you’ve been wondering how fast it is exactly in terms of its ability to fill a swimming pool if data were water, then this promotional video has the specific answer you’ve been searching for. As you can see, broadband would be like an overweight guy filling up his pool with a steady stream of water from a hose. On the other hand, Google Fiber would be a team of firefighters pouring water into a swimming pool with up to three separate hoses at an extremely high rate.

If the example was too subtle for you to understand, all you need to know is Google Fiber is super fast when compared to traditional broadband speeds. And if you happen to live in Provo City, Utah, your turn to experience the service for yourself is coming soon.

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