google-plus-photo-editBack in 2012, Google acquired Nik Software, the developer behind the popular iOS photo editing app Snapseed. Google reassured Snapseed users that they would not be killing off the software, and released a version for Android as well. Now it looks like Google’s acquisition has started to creep into other Google products as well, and the latest is Google+ where users of the social network will be able to upload their photos as per normal, but will also be able to tweak and edit them using Snapseed’s photo editing features.

For Google+ users, you can check this out by hitting the “Edit” button over your image and you will be presented with photo editing options as pictured in the screenshot above. If you have ever used Snapseed before, the interface and the features should not be foreign to you, but for those using it for the first time, it is pretty straightforward and simple to use. It has been reported that the feature is gradually rolling out to users on Google+, so you might not have access to it yet, but presumably it won’t be too long before you are able to try it out. What do you guys think? Is this a great idea, and should Facebook be thinking about something similar as well?

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