nokia-lumia-925-preview-06According to a report from a couple of days ago, Microsoft held a somewhat realistic view of the Windows Phone market share, believing that come 2018, they expect Windows Phone to command about 15% of the market. However it seems that the IDC holds an even more pessimistic view and according to a recent report released by the company, they believe that Windows Phone will only command a 10.2% market share by 2017, a year shy of Microsoft’s own predictions, although we doubt a 4.8% jump would be very realistic.

Their report notes that they expect Windows Phone to steal some market share from Android, thus weakening Android’s position which would fall from 75.3% to 68.3%. iOS’ market share is still expected to rise, and this is possibly due to the company making inroads with cheaper devices like the iPhone 5C which would appeal to emerging markets such as China. IDC’s predictions about BlackBerry do not seem too optimistic and sees the company’s market share drop from 2.7% to 1.7%, with the believe that the company will continue to exist albeit in enterprise and/or security circles.

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