iphone-5c-china-telecomWe are not quite sure as to whether this is a hoax or a mistake, but China Telecom has already decided to go ahead and announce pre-orders for the budget oriented iPhone 5C, all without waiting for Apple themselves to launch the smartphone in the first place. Apparently, an invitation for you to place a pre-order for the iPhone 5C has already been posted on Weibo, and it does seem to belong to China Telecom Beijing Service. This particular account has a following of some 1.3 million fans, so it does seem to be weighty in some aspects.

However, it always pays to err on the side of caution, and since this particular pre-order announcement before the device is officially announced has not been certified, it does raise some alarm bells. So far, more of the iPhone 5C images that were posted have already been removed, perhaps after this particular “mistake” was spotted. The thing is, this pre-order page was not hosted on a main China Telecom website, which does make it seem as though it is not legit at all. Apart from that, it did mention that the iPhone 5C will arrive with NFC capability – now this is definitely something new to mull over, don’t you think so?

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