gmail-composeGoogle’s Gmail email service has not been in the pink of health lately, so much so that there were email delivery delay issues reported this week. Having said that, there is another thing for Gmail users to look out for, and that is, if one were to insert images into the body of an email message, the simple act of doing so might actually see you receive a temporary ban from the account.

This is a rather disturbing bug which has already affected some unsuspecting Gmail users over the course of the past few months, and chances are it will have something to do with Gmail’s revamped “New Message” compose interface. That particular interface rolled out to the masses sometime at the latter part of last year, and since then it has become the default setting for Gmail users this year as Google claims it is faster, simpler and better compared to the previous basic HTML interface. So far, Google has already acknowledged the issue, but has not yet arrived at a solution to help users out.

Needless to say, affected users are not too happy with the situation. One of them even mentioned, “I’m scared to continue to rely on Gmail now. I use it for a lot of time-sensitive messages, both personal and for a not-for-profit organization that I work closely with. I cannot afford to be arbitrarily locked out of my account through no fault of my own due to a bug that Google has acknowledged but has left unresolved for months.”

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